Top 5 Exciting Updates about UX Design Tools [2019 Edition]

User Experience Design Nov 29, 2019

AdobeXD enables multi-designer support

Adobe XD, the design prototyping software, is introducing a co-editing feature that lets users work with other designers in real time. Coediting allows users to work in the same document in Creative Cloud, so team members can collaborate on projects without doubling up on files.

Figma releases plugins

This summer, Figma allowed engineers and designers to use its API to develop plugins for the community. Currently, there are hundreds of plugins that make it easy for design teams to populate their content with real data and use existing assets from libraries like Unsplash and Content Reel.

Adobe After Effects export to Webflow

Webflow, the go-to no code solution for designers, now lets users to easily add Adobe After Effects and Lottie animations to their websites.

UXPin 2.0

UXPin bills itself as the design tool that bridges design and development process. UXPin 2.0 was recently released to include a multitude of features such as conditional interactions, states and precise zoom.


It’s been an incredible year for FramerX full of announcements about Framer Motion and most recently Framer Web. Framer Motion allows developers and designers to create microinteractions with a few lines of codes. Framer Web, similar to Figma, will allow product teams to collaborate on frames and stacks directly in the browser.