Top Design News of The Week [12/02/02 - 12/02/06]

Design News Dec 07, 2019
Design more, resize less, with Auto Layout
With Auto Layout buttons can resize with their text. Lists can rearrange themselves when items are moved around. And elements can be nested to create complex interfaces which respond to their content.
Zeplin for Jira is here — enabling two-way collaboration
We owe you all an apology, we’ve been keeping you waiting for so long. Since day one, we’ve been getting tons of requests for an integration between Jira and Zeplin. Teams struggle to connect tasks…
What’s next for Sketch in 2020?
As 2019 comes to a close, we thought it was about time to reflect on an incredible year for us, and give you a sneak preview of some of what we have in store for 2020.
Introducing Overflow Comments
We live in an era where software solutions can accommodate most of the individual’s personal and professional needs. Options are more than ever and tend to respond to increasingly niche market…
Abstract announces Adobe XD file support and momentum around “Open Design” movement
/PRNewswire/ -- Abstract, the design workflow platform that powers thousands of product design teams, today announced that Adobe XD files can now be versioned...