Best Platforms to Watch Design Webinars

User Experience Design Nov 29, 2019


InVision Talks by InVision is a curated list of webinars and talks by thought leaders in the product and design industry. Given that InVision is one of the pioneers of collaborative design, the content of the videos vary from User Experience Research to Product Management.


UXPin is a cloud-based design software that claims to bridge the gap between design and development. UXPin also publishes ‘UX and Product Development Webinars’ based on case studies. Most of the webinars touch on design systems and collaborative design.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is a well-established company known for fueling the toolset of creatives organizes Adobe Max - Creativity Conference annually. The conference is meant to bring the design and publishing industry together and claims to ‘rejuvenate creativity’ of the attendees. The keynote talks and sessions are published to Adobe Creative Cloud’s Youtube channel.

The Futur Academy

The Futur Academy by The Futur is the brainchild of Chris Do, an Emmy award winning designer who runs his studio BLIND and trains up and coming designers all around the world.  The Youtube channel features educational content by the BLIND Team and also thought-leaders in the web design industry.

Product School San Francisco

Product School publishes webinars from its events about product management for junior and experienced product professionals.