Best User Experience Design and Research Books of 2019

SaaS Nov 28, 2019

Think Like a UX Researcher: How to Observe Users, Influence Design, and Shape Business Strategy

What is it about?: Written by David Travis and Philip Hodgson, Think Like a UX Researcher helps product professionals and teams to plan user experience research studies and analyze results.  

Who should read it?: UX Researchers, Designers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts and Marketing Managers

Where to buy?: Amazon

Framer Guide to React

What is it about?: The e-book by Framer’s CEO gives an introduction to React for professionals who want to get a grasp of basic React.  

Who should read it?: Product Designers, Product Managers, UX Engineers and entry-level Software Engineers

Where to buy/read?: Framer

Design for How People Think: Using Brain Science to Build Better Products

What is it about?: John Whalen, PhD, gives more insight into cognitive processes that form the user experience in users’ mind. He also shares framework that will help product teams to explore about users’ conscious and unconscious processes.

Who should read it?: Corporate leaders, marketers, product owners and designers

Where to buy/read?: Amazon

Just Enough Research, 2nd Edition

What is it about?: Just Enough Research is a primer on user experience research for anyone who is a part of a product team focused on building user-centred products.

Who should read it?: Junior User Experience Designers and/or Researchers, Product Managers

Where to buy/read?: A Book Apart, O’Reilly

Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters

What is it about?: Shape Up is a free e-book that documents the philosophy of Ryan Singer, Head of Product Strategy at Basecamp, on how to build products.

Who should read it?: Product Managers and Design Leaders

Where to buy/read?: Basecamp