Top 5 Medium Profiles to Follow for UX Designers

User Experience Design Dec 02, 2019
Google Design – Medium
Stories by Googlers on the practice of design. For editorial content and more visit

Google's Design Team shares behind the scenes of updating components from their Material Design library, talks about Conversation Design, shares design tools and resources created within their team...

Shopify UX
Writing from the frontiers of design, UX development, content strategy, and research.

Shopify's Design Team gives insight about design systems, interviews with thought leaders in the design industry, and simple front-end development tips and resources, and shares internship advice for junior designers

Designing Atlassian – Medium
Tales from the Atlassian design team.

Atlassian, the umbrella company that developed Jira, shares tools and mindset for how to best work collaboratively and remotely

Design Better – Medium
Brought to you by InVision, Design Better provides unprecedented access to the insights that power the world’s best design teams. Learn more at

Design Better is a publication by InVision, which aims to share biggest challenges in design and how to overcome them. One major topic in this publication is to incorporate design into company culture and get executive buy-in.

Operation UX – Medium
Operation UX.

Plugging Wisdom's evergreen publication written by the Wisdom Team. Operation UX is a publication that aims to serve the design community at large by sharing posts about current trends regarding resources, tools and workflows.